Amazing Results From "Average" Men and Women All Over the World Who Have Doubled Their Profits and Now Work Less Than Ever

Chase Gibson

Frank Den Blanken

Zander Fryer

Mathew Benvie

Boris Schrenzel

Joe Marcoux

Chris Larson

Michael Lennon

Anne Laguzza

Charlie Johnson

“Craig, your coaching has helped my speaking business have a record year. I am booking more and better keynote speeches, meeting more people, and even working less! Your sales and marketing strategies have been a big hit. I’m excited for the year ahead as I implement more structure into my weeks helped by your accountability and advice which will free up even more of my time. Thank you so much!”

Stacey Copas, Australia, Keynote Speaker

“Craig, your coaching has helped boost my sales consulting business! Just last month we did over $17/K in sales, and we’re growing each month. Your advice and introductions to new clients have made a huge difference, and your accountability and advice have been absolute game-changers. And you’ve also helped me become a better leader so that I can work less. Thank you so much!”

— Mark Evans, Sales Blueprint Guru

“We are busier than ever with our business thanks to the action steps we have taken since our call. This includes the daily reach outs and meeting with folks in my network and through referrals. Since then, I have connected with several key decision makers at some big name companies in the area and anticipating bringing on some new clients soon.”

— James Oh

“Craig, I own a physical therapy/ personal training business in Memphis, TN. I read your Perfect Day Formula and felt like you were talking directly about me in some of the instances. You are someone I look up to and admire, not because of money, but because of your discipline and who you are as a family man. I look up to you in every way. Thanks for all that you do.”

— Josh Robinson

“Hey Craig! Thanks for another client referral! When I started with you last year I was doing $10K per month... but now I'm going to have my first $30K month. Thank you so much for your coaching.”

— Nicolas Korvessis

“I broke $130K in sales this month! And I also had 100% compliance to my schedule this week. Looking back, I was struggling with my schedule so much before coaching with you. But I broke sales records this month and still worked out more than ever – all while stopping nearly every day at 5:30.”

“You can update that to 150k in sales as that month ended a few days after the email update! I’m very grateful for all Craig has done in supporting me."

— Frank Benedetto

“Craig, thanks to your help I increased sales by almost 100K (euros) in 2020 ... despite the corona lockdown, and I closed two major deals. The deals resulted from a peace of mind through the far more structured lifestyle you helped with, and the book Never Split the Difference that you recommended to me. I also have more quality time with my family because of your daily structure – and I am not being distracted with work when with them. I am on my way to being as disciplined as the most disciplined man in the world himself thanks to planning and accountability! At first I thought the accountability was a little bit childish because it was almost too simple to believe but from the moment I started and felt this was the missing link. So thank you.”

— HH, Holland

“Craig, thank you for giving me advice on starting my own sales branch for my IPO shares company. It started off slow but things have picked up. I’m going to make over $30k commission off of my reps this month alone! That doesn’t include my own sales! Yes, workload increased. However, I just hired a full time secretary to take a major part of the load off me. At the current pace, I’ll easily do over a million in commission this year. In February alone, I have already surpassed my entire annual fire department salary. Unreal! Thank you for all your help and guidance!”

— Sal De Paola

“Just here to say thank you!  Because of the experience, skills, and knowledge that I got from working with you all, my life is seriously awesome right now.  Business is flowing well, easily bringing home about  $10k/mo while working less than 25 hours a week.  I’m spending a lot of time training my awesome puppy Arwen. And Nikki doesn’t have to work as many hours because my income is covering both of us easily!  My clients are loving their results so much that I just mention the word “renewal” and they sign up for another term. (Which means I’m raising my prices!)  I appreciate you guys so much, thank you thank you thank you for having me as part of the team."

— Rusty Osborne

What people say about Millionaire Morning Routine

Wanted to thank you for your MMR course. I found your account through Richard Yu’s video recently. I’ve tried many methods to be productive - SAVERS, 5am club, few others & still not productive. I’m only on day 6 of MMR & I’ve been more productive than I’ve ever been! The do not do list was eye opening for me, esp where you said don’t meditate & don’t do too many of the good things. I’ve been getting up at 4am & been able to put in 2 hours of uninterrupted focused study for career change that I’ve tackled my biggest priority by 7am! I’m still testing out which ones of my center & kickstart work the best for me, so I can keep the routine even shorter & have more study time. It’s great to feel victorious in the morning that it created ripple effect for the rest of the day & motivates me to keep getting up at 4. I’m also reading your perfect day formula at the moment.”

— Kas, Computer Programmer

“Hi, Craig! Thank you so much for the value you put out! I'm still working through the MMR, but ever since you spoke at the High Status Summit... you left one hell of an impression on my mind. Just implementing Week 1 is helping me actually write more copy throughout the day!”

— Soe Tun, Copywriter

“Craig has turned me into the morning person who I NEVER thought I’d become. Two months ago I was pulling all-nighters, working 12-18 hours some days, no structure, no discipline, and in one week after finding him I’ve never been so excited to wake up before the sunrise. Incredible! Get his book. Hire this man. I can’t wait to work more with you in the future.”

— Doug Boughton

“Craig - if you're reading this, big fan! Your messaging about cutting the crap and switching over to GSD on your MIT ASAP in the AM has really helped me over the last few months. I've been saying I'll start a side hustle for years, and only recently have I made any real progress. Your books, podcast, and videos have definitely played a role in that. Thanks for all you do!”

— Tom Jessessky

“I loved the Millionaire Morning Routine course! It helped me a lot to increase my productivity and limit distractions. I still have to work on some points, but I am grateful for the amazing impact it gave me. Thank you!"

— Sander Kruitof

What people say about Instagram Social Story Selling System

“Craig, thank you for the Social Story Selling System. It's changed the direction of my business in 30-days. I’ve 10x’d my ROI in 30 days working with coach Ron and using the IG course.”

— Markus Wolf

“Craig, after our first call I was able to raise prices for 80 of my long-term clients. Only one of the eighty had any pushback. That means your advice from our first call has already added $8K a month (nearly $100K annually) to my business. Thank you.”

— Adam Pearson

“Craig, in two weeks we’ve had 97 transactions and 5600 in sales. That's more than I had in the past two months COMBINED! The only thing that changed was I used your IG social story selling system.”

— Ron McKie

“Craig, your Instragram talk at the Rise seminar last week was fantastic. You were brilliant on stage by the way. It was very easy to understand tons of takeaways and I’m already starting to really think how are use Instagram. I am a bit thick because I watched your course and things are just clicking now.”

— Bobby Cappuccio

“Using video DM’s have gotten me more sales. It’s also helped me fill more workshops, and I am getting intros to gyms in Israel, Turkey, and Dubai. My man! Where have you been all of my Instagram life?”

— Marcus Martinez

What people say about Perfect Day Formula Book

“The #1 lesson from The Perfect Day Formula was how to dominate my mornings by blocking off my magic time and scripting out the first three hours of my morning the night before. This helped me overcome afternoon anxiety, gave me control of my day again, and helped create more time in the evening to enjoy my family rather than play catch up. I no longer work in the evenings and that means that my work is of better quality because I think and process better in the mornings. I get a full 7 hours of sleep per night rather than 4-5 hours like I used to so that I dominate my mornings and have my to-do list knocked out by 10:00 a.m.”

— Bedros Keuilian

“Craig, I own a physical therapy/ personal training business in Memphis, TN. I read your Perfect Day Formula and felt like you were talking directly about me in some of the instances. You are someone I look up to and admire, not because of money, but because of your discipline and who you are as a family man. I look up to you in every way. Thanks for all that you do.”

— Josh Robinson

“Thank you for creating and for sharing The Perfect Day Formula! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and appreciate the support materials to create an action plan. I'm still in the early implementation stage, but feel optimistic about living a life that more closely resembles what I expect of myself. In addition, your Podcasts have been extremely valuable to think through the How, Why and when questions. You've created a truly valuable framework!”

— Flourish Wealth Management

“Hi Craig, Thank you for your amazing book The Perfect Day Formula. You've inspired me to get up at 4.55am each day and it's having an amazing impact in my life! I'm about to publish my first book and would love to know what the paper stock in yours is. It's really nice.”

— Adrian Gatt

“Because of The Perfect Day Formula I've written out my vision and goals and started getting up early (before the baby). I was actually nervous about it but it's been life changing!”

— Jo Enman, entrepreneur and new mom

“I used to try and read every new business/productivity book that came out...Churning through them, but really just gathering more information that caused too much thinking or hesitation. Then I got 'The Perfect Day Formula' and haven't read another business book since. I was able to apply much of what is in the book and see success from it in my life and business. I caught myself re-reading it over and over, even just a chapter or so at a time to reinforce things from the book and to avoid consuming more info when I know everything I need to stay focused on is laid out and covered in 'The Perfect Day Formula'. I highly recommend this book for anyone, especially overthinkers and info consuming junkies.”

— Gary Deagle, Amazon review

What people say about the Unstoppable Book

“Craig, I just finished Unstoppable last night. The book was amazing. Thank you! I know I will be listening to it again and again I’m sure I’m in the process of adopting a puppy! Thank you buddy.”

— Justin M. 11-29-19

“I just read your book Unstoppable. Thank you for writing this book. The anxiety diet is excellent. I have had three bouts of clinical anxiety through out my life. I am no 48 years old. I worked corporate for 12 years, and owned my own real estate co for 12 and am going through the stress of selling it now to take on a new adventure as a coach and investor. Your book and honesty has been helpful.”

— Robert Lee Baxter

“Been listening to the Audible version of Unstoppable and I love it. I also have your Perfect Day Formula book and took your curse about better mornings. You are the best and I love the way you teach this wonderful material. God bless, Craig! Keep up the great work.”

— Deborah Altman 03/19

“As a sufferer of anxiety Craig's story is similar to mine in many ways. The advice that he gives in this books will not only help you take control of your life (if you follow it), but will also help you get massive results in your business. If you're a chronic sufferer of anxiety this is for you.”

— Samantha Martinez 02/22

“I ran the New Orleans Rock and Roll ½ Marathon on the weekend even though I did not train for it. I wanted to prove to myself that if you have a strong mind anything is possible. I finished the race 10 minutes faster than I did last year because when the pain started I reminded myself that I am Unstoppable.”

— Taylor Cottano

What people say about the Perfect Week Formula

“If you feel that you work all the time and are stuck on the hamster wheel without the ability to get off it – READ THIS NOW. The info and wisdom in this book is simple to apply and easy to understand. This book gives you the ability to not work all the time while still get the same amount of work done if not more. I have applied the principles in this book and saw results within a few weeks, if not days."

— Bryan McDonald

“I read The Perfect Day Formula a few years ago, and I still got a lot from this book. It’s not just about getting more done, its getting the right things done and having enough extra time for personal passions and family. Then putting up guardrails to help keep you on track. And I love the "Billionaire Time Matrix" which helped me get clear on what things I need to just stop doing.”

— Byron Walker, entrepreneur, Denver

“The Perfect Week Formula is a quick and easy read full of actionable steps that have helped me become more efficient and make more money while working less. Before, I seemed to always be working. When I wasn’t working, I was feeling guilty about not working. Craig and his book have helped me create more work life balance. Thank you Craig!”

— Shawna Kaminski, Fit Body Boot Camp Owner

“Hey Craig, I'm working through the PWF and implementing a lot of great strategies. I'm blocking time, waking up early to get quality work done, and doing tons of brain dumping and planning my next day. I am really enjoying it so far and have relieved a lot of stress.”

— Bob Vandersluis

“I absolutely loved it. I can take loads of golden nuggets away, which I will be implementing into my schedule for the week ahead. I found it easier and more engaging to read than Unstoppable, but that was probably because I would say I hardly suffer from anxiety. It gripped me like the Perfect Day Formula and it took my planning to the next level. The 7x7 grid planning clarified what I should be focusing on to be even more productive, think bigger and prevent burnout. I realised I don't really have much of a life outside of work at the moment, which I have begun addressing with immediate effect.”

— Steve Agyei