That’s how many small businesses will fail within their first year.

And that doesn’t even consider the number of businesses that “struckle” for decades. Barely breaking even and failing to live up to its full potential.

But you don’t need Jeff Bezos to tell you…

With the RIGHT combination of discipline, clarity, systems, and strategies you can not only beat the odds and create a successful business…

…You can be a part of the 0.1% of entrepreneurs who build an EMPIRE and create the kind of wealth that can be passed on for generations and used to impact the world.

The problem is…

99% of entrepreneurs have NO clue WHY their business isn’t working.

Is it:

  • Their marketing and sales?
  • Their content strategy?
  • Their team?
  • Their industry?

Sure, it’s painful to spend years spinning your wheels, working crazy hours, and failing to make the money you desire and deserve.

But that’s not the real tragedy.

You’re a fighter, an operator, and a warrior. You can handle the stress and the chaos and the frustration…

...But the real tragedy are the thousands of lives that will never be impacted by your solutions. It’s the time you’ll miss with your family that you can never get back. It’s the way your wife will say, “I still believe in you.” even when you know it’s not true…

And that… I can’t allow.

Establish Your Empire

If you’re running a business that’s struggling to break through the 6-figure mark and you want 1-on-1 support to establish your empire and break through to $100k as fast as possible…

Then this is the program for you.


You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching and guidance from one of my handpicked coaches who will give you everything you need to:

Tap into the hidden profit centers in your business and add an extra 15-20% to your bottom line in as little as 2-weeks.

Build your authority and establish yourself as a leader and expert in your industry through our proven content frameworks.

Generate high-quality leads (without investing 5-figures into Facebook ads) like clockwork and convert those leads into die hard customers.

Slash 10-15 hours off of your work week while generating more profits than ever … giving you the money, time, and freedom to live life on YOUR terms.

1-on-1 Empire Expansion Coaching

If you’re already making 6-figures and you’re looking to scale to your first $1 million dollar year in the next 12 months, this program is for you.

You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching directly from me and I’ll work with you to help you get the clarity, discipline, and strategy you need to scale to 7-figures insanely fast.

CB stand

Think of this like bringing me onto your personal Board of Directors. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned after 20+ years as an entrepreneur and growing businesses that generated $5,500,000/year in revenue.

Get access to the advanced marketing, leadership, and sales strategies that I don’t teach anywhere else.

Develop unstoppable discipline through weekly accountability and raw, no-holds-barred coaching designed to make you unstoppable.

Tap into my $4.5 billion dollar network and get access to the lessons, strategies, and insights from my friends and clients who have generated more than $4.5 billion in combined sales.

Create absolute clarity in your life and business so that you wake up each day knowing exactly what you need to do to accomplish your biggest goals in your business, life, and relationships.

What my clients have to say…

“The perfect day formula is awesome. Now I get as much done in my 2-hour mornings as I typically do in an 8-hour day, and the rest of the day is just a bonus. I hope you’ll try it.”
Russel Brunson
Founder of ClickFunnels
“The perfect day formula system is awesome. I highly recommend it for other top achievers.”

Joe Polish
Joe Polish
Founder of The Genius Network
“Craig’s clever formula is just cool. There’s no digital substitute for it. The formula is simple and solid, delivering structure to your business and life.”
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy
The Millionaire Maker