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What Craig Does

Craig Ballantyne coaches high-performing entrepreneurs and executives to get more done, have massive impact, grow their influence, and finally have a personal life again. He's helped his clients grow $100 million businesses ... while fixing their relationships at the same time. Craig is the author of "The Perfect Day Formula" and "Turbulence Training," and has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine for over 17 years. His books, videos, and coaching programs have transformed the lives of over 7 million people—physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally—over the last two decades using the same 5 Pillars of Success that allowed Craig to overcome crippling anxiety attacks and transform his life.

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Craig's Coaching

"To live an extraordinary life, you must resist an ordinary approach." — Frank McKinney

About Craig

Craig Ballantyne's clients call him, "The World's Most Productive Man."

Craig's output is legendary, both as a writer and video producer. He's written five books, including “The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life," which has sold over 25,000 copies, and his videos have been watched over 7 million times on YouTube.

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When Clients Speak Up
  • I can not stress enough how valuable going through Craig's Perfect Life training will be to your life.

    It's extremely insightful, hugely practical, and emphatically life-changing. There's nothing more important in life than life itself. The quality of your life and your relationships. Yes, we all want to have financial success, and achieving those goals is all part of the Perfect Life formula, but you'll do it in a way that has your entire life thriving, instead of just one short-sighted area.

    Joel Marion
    Co-Founder BioTrust Nutrition

  • I can turn that mental clutter into mental clarity, and that I was able to actually force multiply the speed [and progress]

    Bedros Keuilian
    Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise in America

  • Feel Accomplished Every Day And Have More Time For Your Family...

    Using this success system made the rest of the day flow much better. I never got to the end of the day feeling like I hadn't accomplished anything. This helped me get more done and make more money. The principles you'll learn in Craig's system are essential for every busy entrepreneur, as well as any busy parent who wants to feel accomplished each day. Craig, I am truly grateful for your work. It has not only changed my life, but the lives of my children as well.

    Isabel De Los Rios

  • You can sit back feeling helpless as the weeks, months, and years continue to pass you by while nothing changes…Or you can get Craig’s system to put the future of your family, health, wealth, and happiness back into your own hands. It’s going to change your life.

    John Romaniello
    NY Times Best-Selling Author

Woof Woof, Bally The Dog
Bally The Dog Birthday

Years ago a research study revealed the “pet effect.” Scientists found that if you want to lower your resting blood pressure and heart rate, all you have to do is pet a dog.

When I heard that, my first reaction was, “Great, something to do when I’m an old man.”

Turns out my old man days would come sooner than I thought.

More about Bally
Bally The Dog Birthday
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